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ABC Info-Med Technology

Our mission at ABC Info-Med Technology is as an African regional IT and Medical Technology company to be dedicated to meet your IT and health needs and their sustainability.

ABC Information and Medical Technology provides Information, Communication and Medical Technology advisory, corporate training and e-learning, solution and support services.

We specialize in the following products and services: Software development [Java, Visual Basic, PHP/MySQL etc], Mobile App development (Android); Web design and development; Networking, Simulation and Microcontroller programming; MATLAB, AutoCAD, JAVA, Visual Basic and Android app development, Engineering / Circuit design training and simulation; Computer hardware and systems development; Project Management.

We design and implement data-driven solutions and technologies as well as provide medical instrumentation to improve health systems across the African continental globe. We are also engaged in Health information systems; Hospital engineering services; Telemedicine and e-Health support.

We conduct custom-made Professional and Career Training with innovative packages.

Specifically we currently run online professional courses in collaboration with corporate organisation.





Our Vision:

To be the best Medical / ICT services company in Africa.

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