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ABC Info-Med Technology

Our mission at ABC Info-Med Technology is as an African regional IT and Medical Technology company to be dedicated to meet your IT and health needs and their sustainability.

Our company, ABC Info-Med Technology, is committed to getting clients' best results using client-focused strategies.

We develop client-oriented computer software in several languages including but not restricted to Java, Visual Basic, PHP/MySQL.

We evolve other computer software and applications such as: Mobile App development (Android); Web design and development.

We engage computer consultants who understand the comtemporary computer systems and workable strategies, and who are capable of designing innovative solutions to any computer system problems.

We design and implement data-driven solutions and technologies as well as provide medical instrumentation to improve health systems across the African continental globe. We are also engaged in Health information systems; Hospital engineering services and procure telemedicine and e-Health support systems.

We procure other computer support systems for all the major sectors of a developing economy, private and public, including but not limited to aviation, oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, media, health, maritime, manufacturing and various arms and levels of government.

We conduct custom-made Professional and Career Training with innovative packages.

Our Vision:

To be the best Medical / ICT services company in Africa

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