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ABC Info-Med Technology

Our mission at ABC Info-Med Technology is as an African regional IT and Medical Technology company to be dedicated to meet your IT and health needs and their sustainability.

At ABC Info-Med Technology, we are dedicated to conducting business to satisfy our clients' needs.

We provide Information, Communication and Medical Technology advisory, corporate training, solution and support services.

We also provide a variety of services, including computer software development [Java, Visual Basic, PHP/MySQL etc],Mobile App development (Android); Web design and development; Networking, Simulation and Microcontroller programming; MATLAB, AutoCAD, JAVA, Visual Basic and Android app developmen, Engineering / Circuit design training and simulation; Computer hardware and systems development; Project Management.

We are focused on the delivery of quality services and provision of computer and medical technology solutions for the realization of our client's unique needs.

Our Vision:

To be the best Medical / ICT services company in Africa

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