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Basic Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

About the Book

ABC Publications Inc

Date of Publication
18th July, 2008

Page Count

The Basic Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology is a unique reference source for the new professional in biomedical engineering. The book covers three basic areas, what can be called the tripod of biomedical engineering, namely: biomedical science, engineering sciences and bio-medical technology.

This important reference work serves many groups of professionals in the biomedical engineering including the new entrants into the profession and those making for changes in their careers from other professions into biomedical engineering.

Tabble of Content
Module 1: Biomedical Science
1. Introduction to Biomedical
2. Fundamentals of Biomedical Science
3. Basic Human Anatomy
4. Elements of Human Physiology
5. Occupational Health Standards

Module 2: Engineering Science
1. Basic Electricity
2. Electrical / Electronic Copncepts and Components
3. Fluid Mechanics in Medicine and Biology
4. Introduction to Radiation Theory
5. Mathematical Aspects of Biology and Medicine

Module 3: Bio-Medical Technology
1. Introduction to Biotechnology
2. Introduction to Biomedical Engineering and Health Technology
3. Blood, HIV and Blood-borne Pathogens
4. Biological Effects of Radiation
5. Introductory Instrumentation Systemss


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