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Essential Drug Profiles

About the Book

Samuel C. Iwuji, PhD, FCBET


ABC Publications Inc

Date of Publication
11th October, 2011

Page Count

Essential Drug Profiles with Safety Considerations concisely discusses most common essential drugs with such headlines as the drug classification/group, mechanisms of action, uses, dosages, side effects, contraindications, drug interactions, toxic effects and toxicity management with safety measures/precautions/considerations.

The book covers Pharmacology as a subject for the training of nurses, paramedics and other health professionals who may not have enough time in their programmes to obtain and study costlier clinical textbooks. Medical and pharmaceutical students will also find the book very useful for concise information on essential drugs.

Table of Content
Chapter One: General Introduction
Chapter Two: General Profile of Antibacterial Drugs
Chapter Three: Profiles of some Antibacterial Drugs
Chapter Four: Profiles of Anti-Mycobacteria Drugs
Chapter Five: Profiles of Anti-Septics
Chapter Six: Profiles of Anti-Fungal / Antimycotic Drugs
Chapter Seven: Profiles of Anti-helminthic Drugs
Chapter Eight: Profiles of Antiprotozoal Drugs
Chapter Nine: Profiles of Antiviral Drugs
Chapter Ten: Profiles of Antihypertensive Drugs
Chapter Eleven: Profile of Diuretic Drugs
Chapter Twelve: Profiles of Anti-Angina and Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs
Chapter Thirteen: Profiles of Parasympathomimetics
Chapter Fourteen: Profiles of Cholinoceptor – Blocking Drugs
Chapter Fifteen: Profiles of Sympathomimetic Drugs
Chapter Sixteen: Profiles of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Chapter Seventeen: Profiles of Drugs used in Treating Poisoning
Chapter Eighteen: Anti Neoplastic (Anti Cancer) Drugs
Chapter Ninteen: Drugs acting on Plasma and Plasma Supplement
Chapter Twenty: Profiles of Genito- Uterine Drugs
Chapter Twenty-One: Respiratory drugs
Chapter Twenty-Two: Central Nervous Drug I
Chapter Twenty-Three: Central Nervous Drugs II (Anti-Depressants)
Chapter Twenty-Four: Central Nervous Drugs III (Anti-Convulsants / Anti-Epileptics)
Chapter Twenty-Five: Central Nervous Drugs IV (Anaesthetics)
Chapter Twenty-Six: Gastrointestinal (GIT) Drugs
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Profiles of Anagelsics
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Vaccines
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Hormone-Related Drugs I (Anti Diabetic and Glucogenic Drugs)
Chapter Thirty: Hormonal-Related Drugs II (Gonadal Hormones and Inhibitors)
Chapter Thirty-One: Diagnostic Agents
Chapter Thirty-Two: Herbs and Food Supplements
Chapter Thirty-Three: Hyperlipidaemic Therapy


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