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Laboratory Experimentation in Human Physiology

About the Book

Kenneth I. Nkuma-Udah, PhD, FCBET

ABC Publications Inc

Date of Publication
20th August, 2008

Page Count

Laboratory Experimentation in Human Physiology is a collection of Computerised Experiments for Engineering and Health Technology meant to introduce the biomedical engineering undergraduate and postgraduate students into computerised experimentation.

The book is mainly based on the Biopac Student Lab (BSL) of the Biopac Systemms Inc. The author assumes a fair knowledge of computer systems programmes, especially the Windows programme of the Microsoft Corporation.

Table of Content
Part I: The Biopac Student Lab System
1. Introduction - Electrical Activities of the Human Body
2. The Concept of Waveform in the BSLS
3. Screen Display and Display Tools in the BSLS
4. Measurement Tools of BSLS
5. Running an Experiment with BSLS

Part II: Experiments in Human Physiology
6. Experiment One – Electromyography
7. Experiment Two – Electroencephalography
8. Experiment Three – Electrocardiography
9. Experiment Four – Electrocardiography and Pulse
10. Experiment Five – Respiratory Cycle
11. Experiment Six – Electrooculogram
12. Experiment Seven – Pulmonary Function
13. Experiment Eight – Aerobic Exercise Physiology
14. Experiment Nine – Blood Pressure
15. Experiment Ten – Heart Sounds


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