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ABC Publications Incorporation


Our company invites all authors to submit their book manuscript and
we shall facilitate the publication of such works.

We ensure that our wide range of subject areas
finds the right community for you.

And as we serve our customers,
each author becomes part of a larger publication community.

So if you are interested in publishing your own books, contact us at: abcpublications@abcafrican.com

Features Books

Published Books:

a)Basic Biomedical and Biotechnology . The book is part of a book series for the College of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, published for them by ABC Publications Inc. The book covers the basic aspects of biomedical engineering and biotechnology. It covers topics like .....

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b) Laboratory Experimentation in Human Physiology Laboratory Experimentation is a laboratory manual edited by Dr Kenneth I. Nkuma-Udah and published by ABC Publications Inc. It covers the practicals or experimentations in General Physiology.

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c) Essential Drug Profiles The book, Essential Drug Profiles was authoredby Dr Samuel C. Iwuji. It covers the general principles in General Pharmacology with a Nursing Safety Consideration

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Books in Print:

*   Foundation Biomedical Engineering I Book  

*   Foundation Biomedical Engineering II Book  

*   Foundation Biomedical Engineering III Book  

*   Basic Biomedical Engineering I Book  

*   Basic Biomedical Engineering II Book  

*   Intermediate Biomedical Engineering I Book  

*   Intermediate Biomedical Engineering II Book  

*   Advanced Biomedical Engineering Book  

* Textbook of Biomedical Electronics 978-978-50518-7-2

Submit Your Book Manuscript:

You can submit your completed book manuscript by clicking here:

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