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ABC Publications Incorporation

Welcome to ABC Publications Incorporated

ABC Publications Inc, an imprint of Directories of African Biographies Ltd is an open access publisher of books and journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

We serve the African scholarly and research community as publishers for professional and scholarly societies in Africa and beyond.

We maintain good peer review standards with internationally-reputable reviewers and editors.

As a major publishing company in Africa, we maintain a hub for scientists as we constitute a huge resource for scientific research.

We at ABC Publications Inc publish high quality books with peer-reviewed, open access journals that strive to be indexed with important international databases.

The aim of the open access policy of our journals is to increase the visibility and accessibility of the published content and therefore improve the journals' impact factor.

Featured Journals

* African Journal of Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering & Sciences, AJMBS.
AJMBS is a cross-disciplinary, international medium for exchange of important research, ideas and information on Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. It is a Journal of the College of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (CBET), published by ABC Publications Inc, Nigeria.

* Nigerian Journal of Biomedical Engineering, NJBME.
NJBME is a medium of international communication in the revolutionary developments in Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Technology. The Journal encourages the exchanges of important research, ideas and information on all aspects of biomedical sciences, biomedical engineering and technology. NJBME is a Journal of the Association of Biomedical Engineers & Technologists of Nigeria (NABET) and published by ABC Publications Inc, Nigeria.

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Featured Books

*Published Books:
* Laboratory Experimentation in Human Physiology
* Basic Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology
* Essential Drug Profiles (With Nursing / Safety Considerations)

* Books in Print:
* Foundation Biomedical Engineering I 978-978-50518-0-3
* Foundation Biomedical Engineering II 978-978-50518-1-0
* Foundation Biomedical Engineering III 978-978-50518-2-7
* Basic Biomedical Engineering I 978-978-50518-3-4
* Basic Biomedical Engineering II 978-978-50518-4-1
* Intermediate Biomedical Engineering I 978-978-50518-5-8
* Intermediate Biomedical Engineering II 978-978-50518-6-5
* Advanced Biomedical Engineering 978-978-50518-9-6

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